What does Amazon FBA Automation Include?

Let Automate My Cash Flow provide you with the support and expertise needed to navigate the complex world of eCommerce, backed by our track record and commitment to your long-term growth.




At Automate My Cash Flow, we guarantee a seamless transition to successfully automate your Amazon store, whether it’s a brand new venture or an established store transitioning to our expert management. Our team establishes contracts with the nation’s top brands and ensures your inventory is set up within 30-90 days during our efficient onboarding process.

We understand that this time frame may seem like a gap, but our robust process is designed to build a strong foundation for long-term success. Instead of rushing to appease clients, which can sacrifice the future health of the store, we prioritize quality management from the very beginning. This thoughtful approach sets us apart from other Amazon automation companies, as we maintain our commitment to excellence and your long-term investment in a classy and professional manner.


Expert Store Administration

At Automate My Cash Flow, our dedicated Amazon selling experts team tirelessly monitors and scales your Amazon store to new heights. We handle everything from product management, inventory, sales, and customer service to complete store management. Our commitment to excellence has led to numerous automation clients generating substantial revenue.

One of our top-performing stores recently achieved nearly half a million dollars in revenue in one month, March 2023. While it’s important to note that this store has been around longer, and such results may take time, it demonstrates the potential for success when you build a strong relationship with Amazon, guided by our experienced team and strategy.


Generate Revenue

It goes without saying that the primary goal is to help you generate revenue, this takes time to achieve as some stores can fluctuate, however, we help you with the operations of your store with this number one goal in mind.

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